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With Robo-Advisors in Bitcoin to invest – a Blockchain-Center-Seminar

24. May the Blockchain Center of the Frankfurt School of Finance organised a Seminar on the topic of institutional Investments in crypto-currencies. Various speakers considered the opportunities that arise with crypto-currencies for Fund managers and investors. In addition to issues related to the safekeeping of Bitcoins, the capabilities of Robo-Advisors, and Machine Learning in the crypto sector have been discussed.

The Frankfurt School of Finance is many with your Blockchain Center. Since the end of 2016, the to Professor Philipp Sandner organized a think-tank organized Meetups, writes a Paper and organized a recent conference on crypto-Assets. Over the last BTC has been reported ECHO.

24. May the Blockchain Center of the Frankfurt School of Finance organised a Workshop on crypto funds. In cooperation with Dechert LLP, the possibilities should be discussed, which brings the new Asset class of crypto-currencies for the Fund Manager.

Philipp Sandner has emphasized this point in a short pulse lecture. He claimed that especially in the case of banks, known as the “Blockchain vs. Bitcoin”Position innovation is back, as technological innovations came primarily from Start-ups in the crypto-Ecosystem. He is convinced that in ten years, almost all financial transactions are based on the Blockchain. As examples of already implemented use cases in the context of the asset management Sandner Arbitrage called-shops and ICOs specialized funds.

Crypto-currencies for Robo Advisors – a missing piece of the puzzle?

In the first lecture, Christian Labetzsch of Blocksize Capital introduced into the world of Robo Advisors. Robo Advisors are – to put it simply, virtual assistants, and financial advisors. On the Basis of questionnaires recorded customer data, they automatically create risk profiles, and a matching Portfolio. Specifically, it is possible to distinguish between the Online Advisory Tools, such as easy folio and individual asset management, such as investify. An Overview of existing systems Of course, here as in the area of other virtual assistants very much. Work is the use of Machine Learning or Natural Language Processing.

The rally of 2017 currencies of great interest on the part of asset managers to Bitcoin and other Crypto. In fact, could be established for Robo-Advisors, the consideration of crypto-Assets to be a Key Differentiator. In addition, Robo could facilitate-Advisors and investment advisors in General, the investors get started in crypto currencies. As a regulatory solution is not here yet, can Robo-Advisors, if you are raised as a regulated Investment vehicles, crypto-currencies do not integrate directly.

However, beyond this fully regulated financial products in different Robo exist-Advisors in the crypto-Ecosystem. As examples RoboAdvisorCoin, NaPoleonX, SwissBorg, MelonPort and ICONOMI.

With KI for the optimal crypto-financial management

In the second lecture, Christoph Impekoven, also of Blocksize Capital currencies, the topics of complex Cryptographic and artificial intelligence are discussed.

He found that Blocksize Capital developed a System, which is dominated to a algorithmic Trading, Arbitrage between different stock exchanges taken into account. A special area of their activity the algorithmic Trading to liquidity optimization. In particular, in the case of large sums of money, the lack of liquidity can be a Problem. It should be on the assessment of the liquidity of a Slicing of buy and sell orders, which is no negative traces in the market. You realize this focus on liquidity, Blocksize Capital thinks of large customers.

In the lecture, the larger context was considered: Impekoven showed that there is in the area of artificial intelligence, various projects. Numerai, Cindicator and BittsAnalytics are only mentioned as examples.

Numerai sees itself as a crowd-funded hedge Fund with a right of co-determination. Users of Machine-Learning will be able to submit models for algorithmic Trading. Weekly competitions are held, where the best performing models will be awarded.

Cindicator a System for Asset valuation, behind the now over 100,000 analysts.

BittsAnalytics is an artificial intelligence-based platform for the analysis of crypto-currencies and ICOs. It offers Features such as Portfolio Tracking and provides trading signals.

Overall, the insight into the world of Robo-Advisors, what is the Blocksize Capital is very interesting. Neither algo trading even automated Asset Management is new, however, the developments presented show currencies, the growing interest in the new Asset class is a Cryptographic.

An event from the Blockchain Center that makes you want more

The following lecture was about the safekeeping of Bitcoin and other crypto-Assets. David Finkenstädt of Postera Fund presented the different Wallet options. Apart from the well-known different Hot and Cold Storages, he presented a Hardware security module. Hardware-security modules or short-HSM are not an invention of the crypto-Community, however these systems use to generate extremely secure Wallets.

Although such approaches for the average private investor are exaggerated, but they could be for institutional investors is important. What struck me in the later discussion, was that you discussed a lot about how impossible the securing of a single Wallet. The Seed for a Private Key, you should roll the Paper Wallet with a PC that is offline, printing. And at the end of the Wallet is still not safe. Certainly, these safety thoughts are correct, however the easiest hedge has been ignored: Why, his Stake is not more Wallets distribute?

In the terminal there was yet another Talk on the legal aspects in the consideration of crypto-Assets. Unfortunately, a train had to be achieved back home, so we were not able to hear this lecture. What I saw up until that point was a very interesting event. They showed that in the Finance sector, not only the interest but also the Knowledge of crypto-currencies grows. It would be nice if there would be to this Seminar, a continuation!

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