Winston Gerschtanowitz: “I’m a real man’

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Sooner or later every man, with few exceptions, to do with it: gray hair. Also Winston Gerschtanowitz escape, but there where some men go to a pot of paint to grab, want the presenter, don’t know.

Winston Gerschtanowitz

That he tells this week in Beau Monde. On the question of what Winston sees when he looks in the mirror, he replied: “A lot of swift gray-ning man. I have a lot of hair, but it is grey. I have to get used to. Hair dye for men? No john, there, I dare me not to. (…) Despite the grey hair I see in the mirror, especially a man who is extremely happy. Simple as that.”

A little further along in the interview given to the man of the presenter Renate Verbaan the question where he is most proud of. And although Winston without a doubt his two sons Julian and Benjamin calls it, is the SBS presenter also proud of his tv programs and his ’great collaborations’. For example, with a parfummerk that he has asked as the face of their new scents.

“They don’t ask me on a certain peak in my career, they ask me as an ordinary man. As a father, man, and entrepreneur. That is nice, I feel honored. I’m not a Hollywood actor with a six pack from the sea walk. I am a real man. That turns out to be a nice match.”

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