Weghorst surprised Van Gerwen

15d0c5932587e88f8b369e53faf54e6b - Weghorst surprised Van Gerwen

If the football career Wout Weghorst’s no success, then the AZ-spits always darts.

Wout Weghorst and Michael van Gerwen give each other a box.

The Orange-international surprised Monday night, none other than Michael van Gerwen, the number one of the world in the dartsport. Mighy Mike lost the first leg and that allowed the rest of the Orange-selection, however, appreciate, as evidenced by the following video.

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“Yeah, yeah, Woutje Weghorst, which can be nice throw, yes. The first legje, I lost,” said Van Gerwen, who then was joking.”I already said: I exchange him later for Raymond for the World Cup of darts. No, just kidding. It was very nice. Very pleasant.”

Wout Weghorst

Weghorst surprised himself. “I made myself no illusions, but I must say I threw some perfect arrows, and then I threw the double.”

That football players have a game of darts keep, appeared recently even though when Robin van Persie a visit brought to London to Van Gerwen in the flesh to see the work. The Feyenoord striker was hoping undercover, but he was quickly spotted.


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