Weakening Alberto to land in Florida

9560c9ed34abe689b01c82d5da862191 - Weakening Alberto to land in Florida

MIAMI – tropical storm Alberto is in the American state of Florida to country come. That happened in the vicinity of Panama City in the northwest of the ‘Sunshine State’. It is expected that Alberto for a lot of rain.

Alberto comes ashore near Orange Beach, Alabama.

The coastal area from Florida to Mississippi and the western part of Georgia should take into account heavy rainfall, up to 30 cm, and the possibility of tornadoes. The storm is now weakening and came to land with measured wind speeds of over 70 kilometers per hour, reports the National Hurricane Center. Were previously above the Gulf of Mexico has wind speeds measured at 96 kilometers per hour.

In a part of the coastal zone are flooding reported. In Panama City trees from the ground torn, but a spokesman of the fire department and let them know that, as yet, no one in danger has come.

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