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UK: Hacker need for up to 10 years in prison

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A Hacker from the United Kingdom will spend the next 10 years in prison. He was found guilty of 63,000 credit and debit cards stolen. During a search the officers also found a considerable amount of Bitcoin, cash and Cannabis.

Blockchain, Bitcoin and the “underworld” are a thing. While currencies in the Crypto and the surrounding industry still struggling to emerge from the dark corner, there are always incidents, pushing your Image there. The speech is from hackers, criminal activity, and the apparent anonymity that is made time and again for such occurrences (co-)responsible.

A Hacker, believed to know in the protection of anonymity, was caught by the British judicial system. At the age of 26, he had managed to steal via Hacking, a total of 63,000 credit and debit cards. He used a Phishing scheme with the he ausspähte according to the BBC, England is the data of 165,000 people. According to the authorities, he was captured in order of 180,000 British pounds and this in convert Bitcoin.

Data-fishing against Bitcoin

His method is that of the current EOS-Scams resembled. He sent E-Mails from the Online-delivery-Eat service of the Just, and asked the users to their data online. He put on the original page, he copied them, he was able to deceive so many users and so your data is coming from. He lured with vouchers as a reward for the users to enter their data. The captured credit card data he sold, among other things, on the Darknet markets. After he had stood before the court, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

In addition to Just-Eat, he should also have Sainsbury’s, Asda,, Argos, and other companies attacked, to come to data.

The police were able to ultimately ensure, 25,000 British pounds (about € 28,500) in cash and 500,000 British pounds (about 573.000 Euro) in Bitcoin, and half a Kilo of Cannabis. In addition, the authorities found the Laptop of his girlfriend, the Hacker used, and information of more than 100,000 people had saved.

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