Tyga denies role in attack rechtbankbeambte

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Rapper Tyga denies that he, his crew has commissioned a rechtbankmedewerker in to beat each other. The officer in question, Adam Harari, suing him for an assault which by the end of 2016 took place.


The rechtbankfunctionaris searched Tyga on to him an indictment to be handed over. The ex of Kylie Jenner claims that he then was grabbed in a choke-hold was held. Harari suing the rapper for emotional and physical injury and damage to his professional reputation.

In new rechtbankdocumenten denies Tyga, according to The Blast that he has given for the mistreatment of the man. In addition, let him know that the victim is still known to have the risks of often. Also, he finds that the insurance of Harari has to pay for any damage.

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