Toddler survives fall from 9 meters

22942b2c4c0e9c0946900ae35f6e408f - Toddler survives fall from 9 meters

MUNICH – A toddler has a fall of about nine feet survived. The three-year-old boy fell in the German city of Munich from the balcony of an apartment while his mother was away from home, reports the police.

The 27-year-old woman had her young son sleeping left behind. She had her daughter (5) to the preschool and walk the dog. The toddler walked later through an open balcony door and collapsed after some climbing down. He ended up on the lawn by the building.

A neighbour saw the crash and alerted the emergency services, that the three-year-old to the hospital brought. The child was lucky and ran only light injuries. The police are investigating the incident.

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