Therefore, it took Christoff to the MIA’s

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Christoff was a Monday night guest on the Evanna by Gert Verhulst and James Cooke. The creators of Gert Late Night had the singer invited to celebrate the success of Klubbb3 in Germany. James and Gert were a few months ago, even though present at the concert of Jan Smit in the Sportpaleis of Antwerp, and there we saw them enjoy the hits of the Band the singer. A few weeks ago drew and Gert James to Cologne to Klubbb3 to see the work. The presenters love their music. The whole of Germany is actually love, because there were as many as 200,000 tickets for the tour of Klubbb3 sold. No concert in Flanders this year, because Jan Smit on 10 march in the Sportpaleis in antwerp was but Christoff told in Gert Late Night that the musical trio next year, however, to Flanders. Christoff told in Gert Late Night that he regrets the fact that, in Flanders, so little attention is paid to Klubbb3. That is by our neighbors to be different. “That reminds me, frankly, pain. If we Klubbb3 won a prize, then jumps to the Dutch press there immediately, and then in the evening news bulletin but here in Flanders, it remains silent. I’m lying there not waking up more secretly do believe it’s a pain. “ Christoff does not think that he Klubbb3 quickly a MIA will win. “That does not need to because they have found with the MIA’s that I have this year nothing has performed well and hence I also not to be nominated”, says the singer of James. The love-haatverhouding between Christoff and the MIA’s has existed for longer than today. The singer won in the past few awards but notice that Flemish music in the show too little discussed. The MIA’s, that is, and remains, a sensitive topic for Christoff. “Yes, because I always want to record for my Flemish colleagues, and who are a bit forgotten,” responds Christoff.

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