Stressful period for Mathias Vergels

e6dcc64d131745329ff860ac5f3850b4 - Stressful period for Mathias Vergels

Mathias Vergels has a full agenda: ‘Home’, ‘Colleagues’2.0’, summer concerts,… and it promises to be even busier! This summer, for the first time, daddy. That gives him a good helping of stress.

He spends his days at a desk on the set of ‘The Colleague’s 2.0’. In the remake of the well-known BRT series he plays Eewoud, the nerd of the office. Jan Verheyen director of the movie. The shooting days run smooth, up to six in July the recordings scheduled. Around that period is also wife Julie is calculated. “I try to be there on the set, not too much to think about, but that is easier said than done,” says Mathias. At Verheyen know the actor a lot of support to find. “He will immediately see when my mind wanders to the home front. Then he speaks to me of courage in”, adds he. At least one time per day may Julie a call expect. The stress of rushing him through the body, but that he greatly looks forward to fatherhood, he can not hide: “When Julie told me she was pregnant, I immediately to the nursery started. A week later she was off. I’ve also been reading a lot of books and tips asked to my mom.” All he hopes, however, that he of fierce puberstreken spared. “If our child me in it is going to match, and there’s us still waiting,” he laughs.

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