Schlagerzanger Jürgen Marcus (69) died

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The German schlagerzanger Jürgen Marcus is mid-may to 69-year-old in Munich died. That has its management Tuesday, published, report German media. Jürgen Beumer, as the singer was called, suffered since 2002 with the lung disease COPD.

The schlagerster was more than twenty years of marriage with his partner and manager Nikolaus Fischer, who in a statement to let you know that the Marcus’ last wish was to be in silence to be buried. “In this difficult time in silence and with dignity, to be able to mourn, I ask you to not ask questions and this decision to respect.”

A year ago, his manager in the German newspaper Bild announced that Marcus “never on the shelves would stand up to his profession”. The singer, who on June 6, 70 years would have become, celebrated his biggest success in the seventies of the last century. His best-known songs are Eine neue Liebe ist wie ein neues Leben and Ein Festival der Liebe.

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