Ruben Nicolai considers rupture with the mother of children as failure

Ruben Nicolai broke in 2013, the relationship with the mother of his two daughters (11, 7). The presenter and comedian considers, that decision as a personal failure.

“It is a very sad situation,” says Nicolai in 30 Minutes of Raw, the podcast of Ruud de Wild.

Nicolai, who, with his ex-girlfriend has agreed no details about the break out, also reports that he and his ex-partner, now is a good to maintain contact.

“We are better than ever with each other now. We give each other everything, we even go on holiday together.”

Big love

The 43-year-old Nicolai calls his ex his “great love”. “I’ve never been so long someone has been in love. People said after three years at us: “Keep the look of each other.””

The ex-Lama, who currently have no relationship, does not believe that there is only one great love for everyone to play. “That can’t be. It simply has to do with choices and whether you are someone dares to choose, and whether you are behind the choice, dare to remain standing.”


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