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Ripple: New partnerships, listings and Updates in many areas

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The online real estate marketplace, Propylene adds Ripple as a possible payment option. Furthermore, there is a new partnership from Kuwait to report, and positive developments in other domains.

A few days ago one of the largest lender of Kuwait, the Kuwait Finance House, has announced that they will be joining the Ripple network. The company is hoping the use of the block chain technology cost reductions and faster processing of payments.

However, it is important to highlight that it is the use of the xCurrent technology and is not the native tokens, XRP. xCurrent, a Ripple developed software solution which will facilitate the processing of cross-border payments in real time at very low cost.

The online real estate marketplace Propylene has announced a few days ago that from now on, Ripple used can purchase residential property in the Silicon Valley. Up to now it was only possible for Bitcoin and Ethereum as a payment option.

In addition, the platform Uphold has completed the Integration of Ripple and it is now possible to Ripple with US to buy dollars. The Deposit and withdrawal function is also activated immediately.

The mobile Banking App Revolut has completed a few Taken to the Integration of Ripple (as well as Bitcoin to Cash) and use it to open the gates to buy for your 2 million users to Ripple.

From the first of June, it will be TapJets the possibility to pay with Ripple. In a mid-may survey, 44% of the respondents agreed for Ripple. It Verge and Litecoin were in addition to the selection.

Tapjets is a Service where the user is, as the Name suggests, private Jets can be booked and from 01.06.2018 with Ripple pay.

Due to the ongoing trend of the crypto market, Negative showed no discernible impact on the price of Ripple. The price per XRP-Token is editors of time for 0.48 euros and a market capitalization of 18.9 billion euros.

The next time will show in which direction the crypto market will develop.

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