Research into heavy-handed arrest of a woman on beach

A video shows how an American policeman, a woman on her head during an arrest on the beach. There is an investigation started.

The footage shows how three agents a 20-year-old woman in zwemkledij heavy-handed tackle on the beach of Wildwood in the state of New Jersey.

While they are against the ground is pressed, and turns a agent her twice on the head. Bystanders say that they better not resist. The video does not show what the response was.

The woman was later indicted for illegal possession of alcohol on the beach and rebellion. They would also have an agent bespuugd.

The chief of police of Wildwood, Robert Regalbuto, calls the images alarming, but he first wants to the study to wait. The involved agents must be tentative administrative tasks.

The mayor of Wildwood Ernie Troiano, Jr. find the images schaamtelijk. But, according to him, the police images release of the bodycam that show how the agents insulted and bespuugd.

‘This agent has not suddenly decided to put her blows to give, ” he says. “That was not so.’

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