Rejected asylum-seeker puts himself on fire

5de438b7e70d9f186d69d773a209d369 - Rejected asylum-seeker puts himself on fire

GÖPPINGEN – An Iranian asylum seeker has Tuesday afternoon for the eyes of officials in the district Göppingen in fire. Probably did the 35-year-old man in protest against the rejection of his application in Germany. Witnesses said that the Iranian strong impression roused themselves in this way of life to want to rob. The man is seriously injured to the hospital.

That happened in the foyer of the government building. The head of department of Finance, Günter Stolz spoke of a drama that, to the great dismay led. ,,Many have the screams of the man heard.” The office was partly cleared and and was prematurely closed to the public.

The police headquarters in Ulm let us know that the Iranian was walked and two staff members for help, had asked. In addition, he showed a negative decision in the asylum procedure. The women promised to help him, but nevertheless, drew the man a bottle out of his backpack, threw liquid on him, and put that on.

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