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Racist tweet Roseanne has heavy consequences: sitcom disposed

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Television station ABC pulling the plug on Roseanne, the sitcom of the American actress Roseanne Barr (65). Reason is a racist tweet from Barr. Who apologized in the meantime, but that did not help.

‘The tweet from Roseanne is abhorrent, repellent, and does not correspond to our values. We have decided on her show to perform, ” said Channing Dungey, topvrouw of ABC Entertainment, Tuesday in a statement.

Barr, an ardent supporter of the Republicans, had to Twitter out to the African-American Valerie Jarrett, once advisor to the former American president, Barack Obama, and its ‘a baby of the muslim brotherhood and the Planet of the Apes’.

Then blotted out Barr the tweet and apologized. “I am truly sorry that I have a bad joke about her politics and her appearance have written. I should have known better. Forgive me, my joke was of bad taste.’

Roseanne, Barr in the lead role, tells the history of the working-class Conner. The series was successful in the eighties and nineties and was a few weeks ago continued. The new episodes, with references to the election of American president Donald Trump, were well received.

Roseanne actress Sara Gilbert took over the Twitter away from Barr. “It is incredibly sad and difficult for all of us, because we have a show made in which we believed, and proud, and of which the viewers love, a show that is different than the opinion and words of a member of the cast.’

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