PVV’er accused of purchasing ” an excessive amount gadgets

Brussels – PVV-Mep Auke Zijlstra is accused of excessive spending on gifts. He spent his kantoortoelage a small 5000 euro to one hundred learn schrijfmappen for relationships. Zijlstra, let know in a comment baffled.

The ENF group in the european parliament must explain why so much money is spent on dinners and champagne, according to research from accountants.

In a report by accounting firm ernst & young is the purchase from the supplier Premiumworld an excessive amount of gadgets’.

Zijlstra points out that over the last eight years 5.5 tonnes to kantoortoelagen has received from the parliament, which he said 10,000 has been issued. The unspent money goes, according to him, back to the parliament .

According to Zijlstra, the expenditure from 2016 was approved by both the parliament as his group of Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF). Who took in 2017, stricter rules, so that the expenditure now no longer by the bracket could. ,,With all my spending, I follow all eight years of the directives of the administration. I will deliver in green light. I have never seen anything ordered before I approval for,” says Zijlstra.

PVV-head of the delegation Marcel de Graaff says the state of affairs to regret. ,,The audit report on 2016 gave a negative judgement. The full amount is in the budget for 2018 will be deducted.”‘

At the same time, he reaches out to his fractiegenoten of the French National Front. They declareerden under the more expensive champagne, bottles of wine, cuff links and dinner parties of more than 300 euro per person. ,,The PVV delegation disgusted by this enrichment by the French delegation and takes this completely away from.”

The total amount that ENF, in which the Vlaams belang, the Italian Lega, and the German AfD, must refund the amounts to 477.780,62 euro.

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