PVV: explanation Today about shadowy deal

THE HAGUE – PVV-fraction in the Hague’s city council wants an explanation from the mayor Today about her involvement in the controversial vastgoeddeal with the well-known tassenontwerper Omar Munie. The party has Tuesday written questions.

Mayor Pauline Krikke

The group wonders why the building next to the Palace ‘Noordeinde’ is sold to the designer, while other entrepreneurs have reported that the monument would pay.

Also wants the PVV that all the information about the deal, which the Telegraph following a freedom of information act request received, to the council, it is sent. This is among other things to read that is tried to the transaction to do with a ministerial memo, and that a collegebesluit was not necessary. It also wants the party to know what is your relationship Today with the Jets, and whether the municipality is willing to other interested buyers the chance to give the property to gain possession. Now there is a bid by the cigar shop la Casa del Habano The Hague, the shop on the nabijgelegden Heulstraat after ninety years, must leave. In this case, Prince Bernhard for many years in a humidor.

Also Gaemers exclusive timepieces has shown interest. The also well-known watchmaker wants a tijdmuseum in residence. The real estate transaction falls under the portfolio of the alderman Joris Wijsmuller (HSP), which after the installation of the new college next week, alderman-off.

Apple and egg

Also Richard de Mos, who with a Group of the Mos/Heart for The city as the largest party in the college is, that real estate of the municipality, not for an apple and an egg is sold. “The financial statements shows a loss of fourteen million euros. We have agreed with each other that real estate for a competitive price and that we are going to do too,” says Moss.

The CDA-fraction also wants clarification about the precise role of Krikke. Also wants the party to know whether this kind of deals more often in the city occur. ,,And the mayor, there may also have been involved in?”, says councillor Kavish Partiman.

The Labour party speaks of ‘a wondrous state of affairs’. ,,As our mayor says that they don’t have vastgoeddeals, then she would also not have to interfere”, says group chairman Martijn Balster. GroenLinks wants to also know how it is and says a possible urgent debate on the issue to support.

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