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Publicity stunt for’s ICO is developing to the tragedy, one of the largest Social Media Networking site in the world, announced recently that they will prevent your own ICO. Things developed quickly to a tragic Situation, as when you try a Hardware Wallet with crypto currency at the summit of Mt. Everest to bury an accompanying Sherpa died.

This tragic incident occurred in a publicity stunt, in the 4 crypto-enthusiasts a Hardware Wallet with 500,000 AFSA on the highest point of the world, the Mt. The summit of Everest, buried. The Tokens should be around $50,000 dollars in value, however, the ICO has not yet begun, and therefore the final price for the Token is still not clear.

In a Medium article the Ask is the somewhat strange Marketing tactic:

“While other sophisticated marketing to try out techniques, went out these guys and put directly on the highest mountain in the world. A more elegant way, any other crypto-ideology the ideological Superiority. In a way, before, curiously, was unexplored. Just think of the Meme point of view, no other place in the world is the moon closer. It seems so obvious and yet we are the first who ventured to the summit.“ challenged his Fans to climb the summit, to get the Tokens, since “the Ledger Wallet is now officially the most courageous people up there.”

Then the tragedy came

Unfortunately, it was later reported that Lam Babu Sherpa, a 45-year-old Sherpa, who accompanied the climbers, died on the excursion. The cause of death has not yet been confirmed. According to the Finance Magnates, the Team left the Sherpas to Die, and “did not seem to worry about him.” A News Website named reported that the Sherpa came off because of snow blindness from the climbing path. Another Version says that he was exhausted because he had estimated his strength wrong.

As the Ask.the fm Team was asked to provide an official statement to the news, reacted it is quite vague, and even went so far, any responsibility for the tragic deaths of the Sherpas refuse.

“We became aware that a Sherpa who has successfully assisted one of our sponsored climbers on a part of his journey, before he supported other increase in non-related groups of mountain, missing later,” the company said.

The authorities buy the story of’s Team. Alan Arnette, a climber consultant, expressed his skepticism about the events that led to the death of the Sherpas.

“I find it difficult to understand how the 45-year-old Sherpa snow blindness has developed, as has been reported, consequently, problems with the Run developed him anyway no one could help,” he wrote. “I look forward to more Details about this sad event.”

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