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Press release: TOP 3 in ICOs valued within the last 2 years: What is it really?

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As soon as a Blockchain-starts Start-up, it pursues the aim to collect money for further development. Fortunately, there is since 2017 is a Tool for equity-based crowdfunding in new crypto stores by the name of the ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

What goes on during the ICO, is the following: A Startup looking for funding, digital Tokens. During the ICO tokens can be of any Person in the market bought. Once you have bought the Token, you are the only owner and can sell, keep, or withdraw, as you wish. No government regulations can restrict the process.

In January – March, 2018 on the different ICOs were collected about $ 6.3 billion. This amount already exceeds the last year. It means that the interest in ICO grows and each young company will be happy.

In the following, we consider three different ICOs and look at what success factors can be identified.

ICO # 1 – Spectrecoin stores your transactions anonymous

ICO date: 18. November 2016 – 6. January 2017
Collected amount: US $ 20,000

Spectrecoin is one of the 5 most successful ICO-Startups in the Blockchain. The idea of Spectrecoin are anonymous transactions between Token exchange via Proof-of-Stake v3-consensus. The core of the business is a HD wallet, which is based on the shadow cash Protocol, which consumes little power and no traces of the network leaves. Today, the market capitalization of Spectrecoin is more than $ 6.8 million.

But who would believe you if you say that a success for Spectrecoin came to an epic failure?

As the CEO – Mandica – was seriously ill, began to allow the ICO to fade. Investors ceased to believe in the idea of the team. As a result, has spread a bad reputation about Spectrecoin as a non-promising Startup in the world.

Most of the supporters who had already purchased the Tokens, were upset, and considered this as a lost cost. In total, were collected during the ICO only $ 20,000. The public ICO was on 6. January 2017 is closed.

But things changed, as Spectrecoin began to overcome in August 2017, the crisis. A new development team has started the second round of the Spectrecoinprojektes.

Michael Morton, the Director-General by Morton Bitcoin Management, said about ICO of Spectrecoin:

Anonymous transactions have existed for years. In addition, there are on the Blockchain market, a number of existing crypto-currency companies that offer solutions without traceability for secure transactions, such as Monero, ZcaCh or DASH. But with Startup solutions that are specifically geared towards anonymous transactions, is Spectrecoin only much cheaper.

CEO and founder Nexxus Partners – Bob Wood commented that diversity, supply requirements, distribution capability, infrastructure support, entrepreneurial capital, the seller acceptance and market solutions are the key factors in the checklist, if you decide to invest in a ICO.

ICO # 2 – “date” with a ICO-potential of $ 45 million and ended with $ 30,000 in

ICO date: 27. October 2016 – 27. November 2017
Cryptocurrency: DAT
Collected Amount: $ 30,000

A strong Team under the leadership of Roger Haenni – an experienced professional with the introduction of Big-Data-Startups – presented a new project called “Date”. The idea behind Data is to process the data of users and to structure and sell you, under certain conditions, to all stakeholders. Data will be collected from social networks, the wireless peripheral devices or other sources of user behavior.

In October 2016, the ICO has been determined to campaign as high-risk. Investors have asked a large Team of consultants for the project to keep it on course. There were also some comments regarding the large spread in industries covered by Date-developers: It might be better to focus on 1-2 niches, all the investors satisfy.

Anyway, the date of the ICO has been classified in a General rating of 2.5 out of 10 points considered to be at risk. As a result, instead of millions of dollars collected money, received the Team about $ 30,000.

What makes people think differently?

Reasons, which had a significant impact on the ICO of Date:

  1. Data ownership is not a new idea. The concept stands not only for the collection of data by the safety authorities, but also for the desire of the people to keep the data hidden.
  2. The largest data volume is today in the medical industry. Many people use cases that need to be controlled by the owner and regulated.
  3. After the purchase of the coins Date-Token-owner be part of a large network scale.

There should be a entertaining Option to prevent giants like Google or Facebook to share user data and sell it.

Date is a company that would like to change this, by users in your App allows you to extract your user data from various other Apps and services, and to secure and to share this data or even to sell. The most important is that the Share is by default anonymous, what will bring many people to Worry about their personal data falling into the wrong hands.

The ICO of Date now looks good. But there is another candidate of the duchführt just a ICO. Let’s see, who else would have the same difficulties during the ICOs.

ICO # 3 – Paymon’s: disruptive technology or other ambitious failure?

ICO date: 2. February 2018 – 13. June 2018 (In 3 Steps).
Crypto-currency: PMNC
Collected amount: ICO is still running

You can have a new Blockchain imagine, the is different from Satoshi Nakamoto? Can you imagine transactions in crypto-currency without a fee? What if we tell you that you are now able to start a company directly about a Business platform in the network?

Let’s take a look at what can enable a disruptive technology.

In 2016, a group of students arrived in Ekaterinburg, a city in Russia , the idea to develop a revolutionary technology. You called it “Hive”.

Within two years, an idea to an IT company called Paymon’s with a core business for crypto-currency holders and users of the Blockchain technology. The Team has grown to 20 members with a large Pool of Big 3 consultants and supporting investors from Russia and abroad. The entire municipality of Paymon’s is developing rapidly and presents new technologies on the market.

The meaning of the new Blockchain technology – the Hive – is to provide more opportunities for the use of the crypto-currency, with the exception that only assets created values and stored to be traded. The Paymon’s Team developed a cross-chain System with Smart Contracts, in which users Coins quickly and without fees.

Hive interfere with currently existing solutions in the crypto world. Because there are no such services will give you the opportunity to make the case a multi functional solution transactions for free. As a result, there are many misconceptions of the concepts as a whole.

Why don’t you think first about the following before you give up on Paymon’s?

  • Paymon’s is the Business platform of “Profit” developed specifically for seconds-fast and secure transactions and payments. You don’t have to buy an additional solution for your business, if you only enter once a Hive with its Profit-platform.
  • Paymonhelps can start your business, Goods or services to sell, and payments in crypto-currencies. No long queues at the tax office to register the LLC.
  • Proof-of-concepts are organized according to each user’s identification and evaluation in the network.
  • The New Blockchain technology – the Hive – replaced the existing solutions by its DAG-algorithm (on directed azyklic graph).
  • Paymon’s is more than just a crypto-currency exchange service: Paymon’s Messenger + Paymon’s Wallet. Now, you can currency all existing Wallets of various Crypto wallets in a PMNC-Coins clubs and then BTCs or ETHs to your friend or business partner send.

In summary, Paymon’s is an ambitious project that calls for existing solutions in the world of crypto-currency. But who believes it? A new technology would be another underrated Startup?

Paymon’s is now on the ICO stage and spread his PMNT-Token. From the above examples, there is a series of sad stories about ICOs and difficulties in building trust and confidence in the world of crypto-currencies. This reflects probably the mentality of Equity-based crowdfunding, if people are disruptive solutions skeptical and cynical.

Hopefully, Paymon’s, we can expect the ICO stage has a different setting and a warmer reception, because it already created a strong Hive-Community and the market has positioned. Paymon’s is the company’s ambitious founders, consultants, developers and analysts.

What is the future of Paymon’s after the ICO?

On the one hand, the ICO-growing market in the past year rapidly. From January 2018 to March 2018, there were more than 6.3 billion dollars of Finance for ICOs, which is already much more than in a year of full year 2017.

On the other hand, there are a number of ICO scams, which grow on the market. For example, have gone from the beginning of 2018, the daily $ 9 million lost.

In summary, it is important to start not only the business itself, but also a well-organized professional ICO to trust in the community and the reputation of a successful innovative company.

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