Panic on airplane wing after bomb alert: injured

JAKARTA – Several passengers of an Indonesian plane are injured after a man with a fake bomb had done, report the Indonesian media. The plane was still on the ground in Pontianak, the capital of the province of West Kalimantan on the island of Borneo.

By the comment about the bomb was big panic among the passengers, after which people the emergency doors opened and out of the device by leaps and bounds. To movies is to see how dozens of passengers on the wing of the plane and there from falling. Others fell from the doors and fell into their trap, the motor of the unit. The man that the bomb did was upset because a flight attendant his briefcase had been moved.

Earlier this week it was a different man removed from a plane of the same airline because his fellow passengers had been told that a bomb was on board. Both men prison sentences of a year, for the spreading of information that the safety while flying in danger.

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