Niels Destadsbader: “of jealousy, no question”

Niels Destadsbader began with knees to Love For Music. What he had as an inexperienced youngster to search in between all of that rasartiesten? But his fear was unfounded. Niels Destadsbader proves the revelation to be from the last season of For the Love of Music. The rest is still not up to his ankles. Yet not when it comes to odds in the charts… His summer was already booked up and the Arena was already fixed, but thanks to Love For Music conquered Niels Destadsbader still quite a bit of extra hearts.

Niels Destadsbader is the big winner For the Love of Music but is especially glad that a lot of people finally had their preconceptions about him aside, tells the singer in this. In contrast to the other artists that not a single time the charts reached, beat the Dutch versions of Niels well with the audience of Love For Music. Niels was twice listed in the Ultratop and in the Flemish charts adorned he last week even in places two, three and four. It is obvious that Niels Destadsbader the large slokop is out of Love For Music. At the expense of the other artists? According to Niels, and allow the other artists to him that success and they are proud that the youngest of the lot of fully affirmed, and his dreams to realize. Success is not only measured on the charts…

Silvy De Bie wanted Love For Music especially use to show that they can do more than just dancenummers sing. K’s Choice and had just finished a tour through Israel leader. “That’s of a different caliber,” says Niels in Day All. What is Sarah Bettens wake of the Flemish Ultratop?

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