New donors for the FIGHT by tv-action

e84d87159d42391519609eb8c5acb8b3 - New donors for the FIGHT by tv-action

The benefit is Netherlands against cancer Tuesday 15.103 new donors delivered for the FIGHT against Cancer. That has tv presenter Caroline Tensen at the end of the live show published.

At the benefietshow which took place on the Waagplein in Alkmaar were Arjen Robben, Peter R. de Vries, Anita Witzier of the party. Like living statues, they won as many possible donors for the FIGHT against Cancer. Robben was transformed into a folk hero Johan Cruyff, who two years ago died of lung cancer. Peter R. de Vries changed in Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, the discoverer of the microscope. Anita Witzier crawled into the skin of queen Wilhelmina. Who founded in 1949 the DUTCH Cancer society with the ‘National Gift’ of 2 million guilders, that she for her Golden Jubilee and received.

In addition, there were performances of Caro Emerald, Gerard Joling, Moon, and Romy Monteiro. Due to the bad weather, the sponsored walk adjusted. The start was postponed until after the most violent rain and only the 5 km was walked. The race over 10 kilometers was deleted.

The live show was for the second time and was on television to follow through NPO1. One in three people in the Netherlands will have in his life the diagnosis of cancer. This are more than 100,000 people per year. The money that is in the show is picked up, is spent on cancer research.

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