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More Bitcoin ATMs for Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic receives ten additional Bitcoin vending machines. Were set up the new machines in the local subway network.

The company General Bytes Services for over a quarter of the globally distributed Bitcoin ATM is responsible. Now, General Bytes, of the Services set up ten Bitcoin ATMs in the Prague subway network. In order to do it, particularly for novices easier to invest in crypto-currencies and to get a first contact with the technology.

A metro card with drawing of the Bitcoin ATM

However, you can purchase the machine only crypto currencies for Fiat money and not crypto currencies in Fiat to exchange. The vending machines support the crypto-currencies Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Monero.

The Czech Republic is not afraid of Bitcoin

The Czech Central Bank published 2017, a report with the title “Don’t be afraid of Bitcoin” (to German: “not afraid of Bitcoin”). In it, she highlighted the relatively small amount of Bitcoin transactions and users, and concluded that Bitcoin is (still) no seriously performing increasing competition for the established financial system.

On the other hand, the Institute of crypto-anarchy, Paralelní Polis is situated in Prague. It is a Hotspot for lectures on crypto-currencies, cryptography and crypto anarchy. The lectures are also on YouTube to see.

The Prague population, compared with Germany, well with Bitcoin. The presence of Bitcoin ATMs play a large role, to create a attention, and on the other for easy entry.

Easy to buy Bitcoin via the Bitcoin ATM

The German the concept of a Bitcoin ATM may be completely foreign. This is mainly due to the fact that there is, to date, no such machines in Germany. The reason is the Bank license from the BaFin, for the operation of such a machine.

The operation of such machines is quite simple: It is to be Fiat money in the vending machine, selects the desired crypto-currency, then holds his cell phone with a QR Code for the Wallet in front of it and directly receive the Equivalent on the mobile Wallet.

What time is it in Germany, probably the first Bitcoin ATM?

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