“Meghan Markle and prince Harry go on their honeymoon to Canada”

6f60687e5d524c5ea1605f991d01ddfa - "Meghan Markle and prince Harry go on their honeymoon to Canada"

Meghan Markle and prince Harry, will their honeymoon be spent in Canada. According to the American entertainmentsite TMZ already.

The new duke and duchess of Sussex would be on their honeymoon go to Alberta, Canada. More specifically, to the beautiful Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. They will be staying in the Outlook Cabin, or also known as the Royal Retreat is called.

In that lodge you stayed all the many stars and royal guests, such as the current British Queen and her mother. According to TMZ also have John Travolta, Anthony Hopkins and Bill Gates a holiday spent in the lodge. It is a popular holiday destination.

Quite sure is whether or not the lodge will be the destination of the new couple, but TMZ reports that the resort on certain issues and goodies ordered for Meghan and Harry. It is still unclear when the pair will arrive, but both the British and the Canadian security would be involved in their arrival.

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