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McAfee’s new forecasts for 5 different crypto-currencies

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A market that is full of bearisher and bullish mood, it often leads to key figures from the financial industry and other prominent industries publish controversial predictions for the performance of various value systems.

These forecasts are not always accurate, it is true, however, that the future performance of a crypto-currency can often be done in Advance through the strategies used for the crypto-currency weighed.

This is particularly true in relation to Tron (TRX) and EOS, crypto both currencies in a short period of time your main network will publish, and with them some of the attention. Many share the opinion that these currencies will soon explode, and John McAfee agrees.

McAfee’s recent forecasts were quite successful, for example, Golem (GMT), Docademic (MTC), Bezop (BEZ), Bitcoin (BTCP) and EOS. Let’s look at his new forecast.

McAfee’s predictions

The founder of McAfee, one of the most efficient Antivirus programs in the world, is known for his controversial, if also often correct predictions in the crypto currency world. This Time, he forecast a certain price for five crypto-currencies until mid-July.

He predicts that Golem (GMT) will reach the 3-Dollar mark, Bezop (BEZ), will reach a value of 0.84 dollars, Docademic (MTC) 2,50 dollars, EOS 36 Dollar and Bitcoin would be in the $200-mark.

He should have got it right, then all of the above crypto-currencies are enjoying a significant price increase. In the case of EOS, which is currently around $11.92, it would increase in a 200% price, for Golem it will be around 600%.

A large number of crypto-Twiter-community asked him on his Twitter Account the reasons for this projected positive price increases. Others asked his opinion on crypto-currencies, he has not mentioned yet.

As McAfee was interviewed by a few news portals for the reasons behind his predictions, he States that it “will just happen” and that even if he had an algorithm for this, he would announce.

In the same way, he clarified the facts regarding his alleged relationship with Bitcoin are Private, a rumor that was spread in social media, says that he is paid to promote the crypto-currency. In this regard, he noted that he earns money from his companies and foundations, and not by supporting BTCP or any other coins.

Said to the many questions of crypto-enthusiasts about the future of TRON (TRX), he finally, “I’m not gone through the Numbers again. My computing power is limited“.

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