Marriage of Boris Becker and Lilly stranded

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Boris and Lily had known each other thirteen years and nine years married. They go out as friends from each other

BERLIN – Boris Becker for the second time to separate. The marriage of the ex-tennis player and the Dutch Lilly is after almost nine years on the rocks. That have the two via a lawyer to the German boulevardkrant Bild.

According to the lawyer Boris and Lilly “the decision is not easily taken after a relationship of thirteen years and a marriage of nine years”. “The most important thing for both is the well-being of their son Amadeus.” Amadeus was released in February 2010 in the world, a few months after Boris and Sharlely ‘Lilly’ Kerssenberg in June of 2009 and were married.

Rumors that the marriage of Boris and Lilly in heavy weather wrong, did the round. The two were still less often seen together. Boris and Lilly go “as friends” from each other.

The former tennis player was previously married to model Barbara Feltus. With her he got two sons, Noah (24) and Elias (18). That marriage ended in 2000 after the “broom closet affair’. Boris had to admit that he during the marriage, a crooked skate had ridden with Russian model Angela Ermakowa. She became pregnant and was given in 2000 to a daughter, Anna.

When the girl was nine years old, revealed Boris more about how she was conceived. For years there were rumours that Boris and Angela in a London restaurant broom closet stuff. In 2009, said ‘boom boom Becker’ that Anna is not conceived in a cabinet, but on a staircase between two toilets.

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