Mancini thinks His side despite hit in the back much better

Mario His celebrated his comeback in the Italian national team Monday night with a goal against world cup-goer Saudi Arabia (2-1), but the new coach Roberto Mancini believes that the striker still have more potential.

The 27-year-old premier league, and after four years recalled to Italy and made the openingsdoelpunt in the friendly international game in the Swiss Sankt Gallen by distance handsome touch to shoot.

“Mario can do much better, though he did well in the first half. He scored and that is important, but he can do more,” concluded the 53-year-old Mancini after his first game as a coach, about the flamboyant striker.

“We all know what he is capable of. He made a fantastic goal. Mario is a great player to us.”

Andrea Belotti, who are Champions in the 58th minute afloste, resulted in the second Italian hit. Saudi Arabia scored yet against through Yahya Al-Shehri, but that was it.

New generation

After missing out on the world cup, it is the job of Mancini to Italy with a new generation to rebuild. Against Saudi Arabia, the ‘Squadra Azzurra’ to the youngest basiselftal – an average age of 26 years and 8 days – since november 2010.

“In the first half it went well. We shot sixteen times on purpose and got eleven corners. When we later more tired, went the less. But a win is always good, and certainly after such a long time,” concluded Mancini, who Friday with his team of France and Monday against Orange record.

“Against a country like France we will probably be better for the day to come, though it will still be a problem to ninety minutes to fully go. I assume probably a lot of other and younger players. It is an important lesson for them.”

After the oefencampagne begins Italy, the new Nations League on 7 september with a home match against Poland. Three days later, Portugal the opponent.



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