Magallan arrives today at Ajax

73de9e665519bf66eb9e4674f807daa9 - Magallan arrives today at Ajax

Lisandro Magallan (24) will sign today at Ajax. The Argentine defender, who is personally all around is about a contract for five seasons, was the last day in Madrid and ready to go to Amsterdam to travel. Yesterday gave his club Boca Juniors permission.

Lisandro Magallan

Ajax and the champion of Argentina have the outlines of an agreement on the transfer fee of eight million euro and a maximum of 1.5 million euros in bonuses. The appointments still need to be written down.

Last week it was already clear that the deal is almost not could go wrong, and then Magallan decided the developments to wait for his brother, who is in Spain to play. This afternoon, the first part of Magallans medical examination.

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