Lift see ‘tank’ Dumfries as exception

90da43e4066af4fa4e3bcccd6d68e094 - Lift see 'tank' Dumfries as exception

Guus Lift knows like no other the differences between Young Orange and the big Orange. One player in the promises, however, is the exception to the rule.

The AZ’ers of Jong Oranje and the Dutch national team will go together on the photo. From left to right: Teun Koopmeiners, Guus Lift, Thomas Ouwejan and Wout Weghorst.

“The guys in Orange are mainly further, because they are older,” said the midfielder of AZ, in march against Portugal, made his debut, in a conversation with FOX Sports.

In the run-up to the South America-trip trained a Young Orange in Zeist in addition, yet along with a select group of internationals. And even then the difference was.

Til: “Because they are older, they have more power and experience. Denzelf Dumfries is a tank, but in terms of power not yet of the level of, for example, Virgil van Dijk. No player here has the mass that he has.”

Denzel Dumfries in action during the training session with the big Orange.

Physically is Lift at this moment is not at its best. “I have this season of 50 duels played, I think. I feel it too. I am not top fit. I suffer from small aches, but that you always have.”

The kick-off of duel between Young america and Young Orange is Tuesday night at 23:00.

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