Leonie ter Braak found modeling lonely

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Leonie ter Braak, looks back on her modeling as a “lonely period”.

“It was a fun time and I’ve been on the covers of major fashion magazines stood,” says the 37-year-old presenter in The Telegraph.

Ter Braak does not go back to that time. “The present and creating programs, I actually find it much more fun. There I get even more satisfaction from.” After her modeling, she went ten years ago, present at RTV Oost.

She recently made the transition from WNL to SBS 6, where they two new programs to present. What is the outcome in which people are an important outcome to be hearing and Nothing more than a child, in which they people to follow who are trying to have a baby, to get.

Itself has Ter Braak two sons with her husband. “Our careers are not at the top. The children come on the first place of course. As the youngest becomes ill at the nursery and I am busy with tv recordings, Floris flexible enough to get him.”


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