Last chance for the great mystery in aviation

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If the missing plane of flight MH370 today is not found, then stop the search once and for all. The mystery of the disappearance of the aircraft of Malaysia Airlines remains unsolved.

There came ashore all different fragments of the device on islands off the African coast, but further searches yielded nothing. Still, it remains Australia’s hope that the unit ‘one day’ will be found. Deputy prime minister Michael McCormack called the quest of four years, the largest in the history of aviation, where the limits of the technology were tested.

The quest would be normal in april, but was at the request of the U.s. private business firm Ocean Infinity two time shifted to may 29. The company was looking for with duikrobotten on the bottom of the Indian Ocean. There was more than 100,000 square kilometers afgespeurd. The ceo of the company, Oliver Plunkett, called the results ‘extremely disappointing’. The Malaysian government gave the American company Ocean Infinity permission to get to the plane to search it on a ‘no cure, no fee’basis. The company must therefore pay the bill and can only be refunded if the plane was found. On success, the firm employed about 60 million euros.

The plane had 239 people, 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board, flew on 8 march 2014 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and disappeared on the way from the radar. The disappearance is one of the biggest mysteries in aviation. Researchers can’t figure out what exactly happened. The exact location of the crash is also not known.

A first search in January 2017 by an international team of Malaysian, Chinese and Australian authorities was without result is completed. At the beginning of this year began the hunt for the missing plane again.

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