Langeler: “we’d be arrogant’

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Art Langeler plays Tuesday, with the Jong Oranje against Paraguay. Was previously with simple 4-1 win of the peers from Bolivia, but against Paraguay are the proportions may be slightly different.

Art Langeler during a training session of Young Orange.

“It is difficult to estimate, but let’s be arrogant. As the Netherlands you’re always a favorite,” says Langeler quasi-seriously in a conversation with FOX Sports, before he realized that the current state of Dutch football, this kind of statements does not justify.

“No, we have a good team, and have it good for each other. I expect that we are absolutely good to resist. I count on a more equal match against Bolivia, but we more or less are, only time will tell.”

Langeler treasure Paraguay, in any case, higher than Bolivia. “I expected a good opponent, especially at the tactical area. They will be on the conversion play and we have to try los to play. Actually, as we usually are accustomed to. The focus is particularly when we have the ball lose. We are good and we can avoid that we fall into the trap?”

Langeler is making his last days as coach of Jong Oranje. The former head of youth continues as director of football development, a newly created function within the KNVB. Erwin of Tanning, this season is dismissed by William II, his successor.

The kick-off of duel between Young america and Young Orange is Tuesday night at 23:00.

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