James Gunn teast Mark Hamill for potential Guardians sequel

0bbc2824840c13e6d05247cf4a06ed4c - James Gunn teast Mark Hamill for potential Guardians sequel

The star Twitterden last February all about a possible sequel.

Filmmaker James Gunn has the hope of fans is increased that Mark Hamill in the next Guardians of the Galaxy again in the hand after sharing a photo of the two online.

The director, who is currently busy with the development of the script for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in 2020, in February approached by a Twitter follower Ian Fee and asked if he could “play a role” for Hamill could find in the next superheldenfilm.

Gunn was more than receptive to the idea and replied: “I believe that @HamillHimself around the corner from me lives in Malibu, so he just rolls over it and we just can talk over a cup of coffee.”

“I would be happy to do so, both as a good neighbor as an unemployed actor,” answered the Star Wars icon on the invitation, while private plans made for the meeting to take place.

Now, three months later, Gunn revealed that he “finally” has had a chance during America’s Memorial Day holiday weekend with Hamill talking.

Sunday evening he shared a photo of the two stars on Twitter and wrote: “Finally langsgeweest at @hamill himself for that cup of coffee that we months ago tweetten. To be honest, he is a great guy & I am him and his entire clan are thankful for a great day.”

It is not clear whether their union something called film affairs was in, but after a fan asked, “Wow. where have you gentlemen talked about??”, came Gunn with a long list of topics, including the Guardians of the Galaxy starren Chris Pratt and Dave Bautista, without to disclose or Hamill’s possible participation in the third episode was the subject of conversation. Meanwhile, said Hamill a similar message, and shared a few other details about their conversation.

“Such a great day for my neighbor to meet @JamesGunn! “We have so much in common & talked about EVERYTHING: the weather, garden tips, favorite recipes, catholic education, our mutual love for dogs, blue-veined cheese, risque limericks and once again the weather. #FunWithGunn”.

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