Israel bombards targets in Gaza after mortar attack

JERUSALEM – The Israeli air force has targets bombarded in the Gaza strip. It goes according to residents of the Palestinian enclave to training camps of Islamic Jihad.

It is the first time since the start of the great Palestinian protests on 30 march that the missiles towards Israel are fired.

The Israeli bombing followed a mortar attack from the Gaza strip. Fighters fired earlier in the day at least 28 shells at Israel. The Israeli army reports that most of the missiles are intercepted, but certainly one grenade would have exploded at a kindergarten. That happened about an hour before the building the doors would open.

The Israeli army reported on Twitter that an operation is going on in the Gaza strip. “The continual explosions are related to this activity. Details will follow later.” Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu had given the attackers a powerful counter-reaction in the prospect. He loves Hamas and Islamic Jihad responsible for the shelling.

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