Henk Wijngaard is niece Shania Twain to meet

Singer Henk Wijngaard gets in October, finally got the chance to his niece Shania Twain to meet. Event organizing Mojo has a VIP card for him and arranged for a concert by the Canadian singer in the Ziggo Dome, reported RTV Drenthe.

Shania Twain, Henk Wijngaard

Vineyard gave earlier this month in the radio News BV that he Twain may this year, could meet. “It would be really great if I could see her,” said 71-year-old singer, known for his big hit With the flame in the pipe.

“It was a matter of contacting the persagent of Mojo and tell my story,” says Vineyard at RTV Drenthe. Previous attempts to get his niece to meet failed. “Such a woman is also, of course, gigantic screened.”

Special family

The father of the Vineyard was the grandfather of Shania Twain, known for hits like’You’re Still the One and Man! I Feel Like a Woman. The father of the Canadian superstar was born out of wedlock of the father of the Vineyard. The two distant relatives have never seen. About two years ago, this Vineyard found out that he family is of Twain.

The possible meeting with the singer is, however, not the most important for Vineyard. He hopes by Twain in contact with his half-brother. “I’ve never had a brother or sister had it, and it is a discovery that you somewhere have a walk. The best thing would be that I could find out if my half brother is still alive, and that Shania contact with him.”

’A little affair’

On Radio Gelderland did Henk two years ago, his family’s history from the cloths. His father was an allied Canadian soldier during the Second world War, the tank by the Netherlands ’flew’, while his French mother in a hotel in the Casting worked. “They got a little courtship. During the liberation, was their love is short and intense, and I am the result,” says Henk.

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