GTST-star Alkan Çöklü loves girlfriend on the set to see

Alkan Çöklü is madly in love with his GTST colleague Melissa Drost. “It’s great that we stick together as much as can be seen, both in the workplace and in private – even though we are on the set, of course, to the work.”

Çöklü please let Viva know that Drost and his droomvrouw. In Good Times, Bad Times , they play the couple, Amir and Sjors.

The couple made two months ago via a photo on Instagram known to have a relationship with each other.

The actor has little interest in dating. “I would not be so quick with someone to go for a drink that I don’t know very well. Tinder is not for me, much too exciting”, says the 23-year-old actor.

“Later, I am sitting there with an accountant, or someone who is on the Zuidas works – that I would not be able to. I want to be with my girlfriend be able to talk about my work, I find it nice to be with someone who understand me.’


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