’Greenpeace stops #MeToo affaires in to cover up’

Amsterdam – Greenpeace would be multiple #MeToo incidents between workers in the cover up have stopped.

In South America were, according to whistleblowers, nude photos of volunteers spread out. 44 former employees speak in Vrij Nederland of ’a pattern’. Their complaints would be ignored.

The scandal played out on the office of the environmental organisation in Buenos Aires. Ten women and three men complained about logistics director, Leonardo Silva.

Nude photos

He would be under more privénaaktfoto of a volunteer have to show to other male employees. Also stalkte he female colleagues and made derogatory and sexist comments.

But also his boss Prieto was found according to Vrij Nederland, no better. “In the office looked at the director for porn, the sound. When we were on a journey for a campaign, he was on a day almost naked, with only a towel before his genitals for my room”, cited the sheet to a complainant.

Greenpeace says in a comment that Prieto preliminary non-active. The 44 complainants appealed finally to the office of Greenpeace in Amsterdam.

Hotel room

In 2011 and 2012 there was also a scandal within Greenpeace. In India complained that two women about intimidating toenaderingspogingen of a male colleague. “One woman even got the ‘command’ to ‘the night at a man’s hotel room to join. Instead of forceful intervention, was management with condescending ” suggestions,” writes the UN. The women were among the more learn to better fend for themselves. Afterwards the organization there is much to late intervention.

“The awareness of these shortcomings at the Indian office has led to our initiative to a new global integriteitssysteem, that last year was unanimously approved by the meeting of the general managers.”


Also an office in South-east Asia came complaints. A young Papua anthropologist and bosactiviste’ felt as the charwoman used and found that they ’denigrate was treated’.

Free Netherlands notes that: “Women get themselves the debt, complainants are referred to the regional offices where the perpetrators of the hand above the head.’

In a written response to let Greenpeace to the leaf, know that ’the way in the past with complaints from colleagues at a number of regional offices is dealt with’, indeed not acceptable, but that over the last years, many positive measures have been taken ’to prevent cases of unacceptable misconduct in the workplace’.

“While we in the outside world struggle carried on nature and the climate, we are sometimes blind to injustice within our own organization. We are on the road and sometimes that road hobbeliger than desired – to an organisation in which equality, diversity and inclusiveness by everyone to be seen as indispensable for the realization of a green and peaceful future. We are sometimes blind to injustice within our own organisation.’

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