Golden Film Award for The Matchmaker

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The Dutch film The Matchmaker is the limit of 100,000 moviegoers passed. Principal Benja Bruijning knew Tuesday along with director Jeroen Houben are tegenspeelster Ariana Schluter to be a surprise with the Golden Film Award. This made the Dutch film fund and the Dutch Film Festival.

Benja Bruijning

The Matchmaker is the fourth Golden Film of 2018. The film is running since the end of april in the cinemas. In addition to Benja and Ariane, there are roles for, among others, Loes Luca, Georgina Verbaan, Eva van de Wijdeven, Sanne den Hartogh and Kasper van Kooten.

The Matchmaker is about a son who goes in search of a husband for his mother. Bruijning plays world traveler and photographer Chris, who, because of a lack of money forced back home with his mother, Mary (Schluter) ends up. If Chris a job takes for a promo of a dating site considering he was the single mother have a new relationship can use. He makes – out her knowledge, to a video for her, which is a big hit. After some doubt decision Marja to go on the adventure, with her son as a dating coach.

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