Gigagezin expecting 21st child: “I can’t believe it’

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LONDON – The biggest family of England, the family of Radford, becomes even greater. Baby number 21 is coming, made the Radfords known in their first vlog. With a pink confettikanon celebrated the parents in the video that their 20 children in november, there is a sister.

Child number 21 for the Radfords is in the pipeline.

The mother of the family, the 43-year-old Sue, was after the birth of twentieth child still know that they are enough found. Nonetheless, in a few months – if everything goes well, the 21st baby in the world. “I can’t believe it, we are very happy”, says father Noel during the ‘gender party’ in the vlog.

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Sue and Noel: 21 children.

The huge family consists of Chris (29), Sophie (24), Chloe (22), Jack (21), Daniel (19), Luke (17), Millie (16), Katie (15), James (14), Ellie (13), Aimee (12), Josh (10), Max (9), Tillie (8), Oscar (6), Casper (5), Hallie (2), Phoebe (22 months) and Archie (8 months). Also son Alfie is counted. He died three years ago after 23 weeks of pregnancy.

The family lives in a former care home in Morecambe, fifty miles north of Manchester. The Radfords were known from the tv documentary 15 Kids and Counting.

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