Fred van Leer pinkte little tear away from their own story

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Fred of Leather may be something of his bucketlist check-off. His book, Learn from Fred is on the shelves and will be launched with a big party in Rotterdam. “I find it very exciting,” says the stylist at BuzzE. “But I just got all call from my publisher that we are at the second pressure, which is fantastic.”

Fred van Leer

Still, says Fred not busy with the sales. “Just as I never make to the ratings of my tv programs. I thought today suddenly: oh yes, I will, of course, also earn money on this book if it is running well. I had not thought about.”

The establishment of the Doctrine of Fred is for the 41-year-old stylist a “violent process”. “I have a ghostwriter, I’m quite honest, I can’t do this yourself. Then you go sit together and have you yourself to expose themselves. Because that was for me immediately clear: I go but one time to write a book, so it must be right. And it was really a rollercoaster, because I was myself, of course. You tell your story, it is written down and then read it back. I often have a lump in my throat, my own story read.”


When Fred a few days ago came home and one of the first copies of the book on the doormat and found, was the stylist as emotionally. “When I got it the first time in my hands, I had a tear from my eye.” Because he ran for many years around with the idea for a book. “I have already seven, eight years ago, with someone seated. But it was each time. To Cosmos Publishers last summer with me aanklopte.”

Fred is “very pleased” with the result. “I’m always happy, but never satisfied.” And that also applies to the Teachings of Fred, that according to the stylist “very close” of the book that he had in mind. “I hope that many people will like.” A sequel is most likely not, although the stylist already has a title: More of Fred. “But I’m not the author.”


Although the Teachings of Fred violently was to make, is the style guide with personal stories of the stylist, “an easy, breezy, fun book”. “It is, of course, I do not have the Pythagorean theorem going to explain. There are a lot of pictures, so if you’re not in the mood to read, you can also enjoy the leaves.”

That Fred is now a book of his bucketlist can finches, he also finds scary. “I wanted to own a clothing line, I have a book that is there now and I wanted to in the theater. That I’m starting in september. So my bucketlist is empty.” The show Learn of Fred Live is at the end of the book. “I’m going to talk about fashion, not singing or dancing. And it is one big chaos, because I spring from the heel to the branch.”

Fred goes this summer, to the show, first he enjoys the launch of his book. “I would be for anyone who has worked much if it is a success.”

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