Fraud within EU party PVV

6e706805dcdb093636ce4c517ba49958 - Fraud within EU party PVV

Brussels – The Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) in the european parliament, where the PVV is also connected, is suspected of fraud.

The ENF group in the european parliament must explain why so much money is spent on dinners and champagne, according to research from accountants.

In 2016, it would be a half a million wrongly declared to 230 bottles of champagne, gifts and dinners of more than 400 euro per person.

According to The Newspaper shows that this is from a report by accounting firm ernst & young and a letter from the Budgetcomité of the EU, under the leadership of Klaus Welle.

The group will have a last chance to the expenditure still to justify it, otherwise the amount should be refunded.

PVV-representative Auke Zijlstra spent according to this survey, against the 5000 euro for the binding and mailing of documents, intended for 50 persons.

The ENF has 36 seats in the European parliament. In the group are, inter alia, the PVV, the French Front National, the Belgian Vlaams belang, the Italian Lega, and the German AfD is connected.

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