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Flemish museums want grant to see double

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The museums and archives questions to the Flemish government almost 23 million euros in additional support. They find it’s high time for a catch-up.

77 Flemish museums, archives and heritage libraries questions for the period 2019 to 2023 50.5 million euro in subsidies. That is 22.9 million euros more than the current amount. That increase is only partially explained by an increase in the number of grant applications, which climbed from 69 to 77.

Some of the organizations such as Diva, Red Star Line, Yper Museum and the Consciencebibliotheek beat for the first time in the Flemish Community. But rather, it is the organisations that are already grants, which is a big leap forward. At the Museum Hof van Busleyden (Mechelen) is the requested amount 471 percent higher in comparison with the current support. At the MAS (Antwerp, belgium) is 308%, at Fomu (Antwerp) 235 percent. Also the Museum of Fine Arts Ghent (221 percent) and the Leuven Museum M (157 percent) are aiming much higher.

No tactical overbevraging

With those figures is the look. It only goes to grant requests to the Flemish Community. The support of cities and municipalities is not settled, so that the percentages distorted. Nevertheless, it is unmistakably clear that the museums with a rural feel strongly want to get ahead. The 24 national applicants aiming, on average, a doubling of their operating resources. Regional players are smaller. Their allowance is capped at a maximum of 200,000 euros. The 23 regional museums questions, on average, half more than they get now.

In a response says Elviera Velghe, director of Fomu, that there is no tactical overbevraging. This would organizations first wanted to prognosis, in order subsequently to countries by an amount that is close to their real needs. A survey of several museums learns that they are for additional tasks, and the ambition to grow. They all point to a funding of not-evolved with the developments in the field. As a result, museums and archives, it difficult to their behavior to get around.

5 million extra?

All three subsidierondes is a catch-up in prospect. Joke Schauvliege (CD&V), the previous minister of Culture, took that point even in her policy, but the eleventh hour, things went wrong. This stepped newly opened museums in the previous round with a modest allowance in the system. The Museum M was with 370.000 euro, although a middenmoter, but visiting the city’s museums MAS (Antwerp) and Stam (Ghent) were with 250,000 euros very few. The MAS then asked, already 1.4 million euro. Makes sense that they wish to develop further.

In the policy note of minister of Culture Sven Gatz (Open VLD), there is no question of a increases its budget. On the Large Maintenance, ” he said to the assembled heritage that he for more money wants to go. This spring he gave this newspaper that he has the practicable to 5 million extra to pull out.

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