Fiance is furious; Arie Luyendyk jr. breaks interview

Arie Luyendyk has an interview with men’s magazine GQ broken because his fiance Lauren Burnham was furious at the reporter.

Lauren Burnham, and Arie Luyendyk Jr. look back on The Bachelor

Two days would be a long reporter Rebecca Nelson to join with the 36-year-old Arie Luyendyk jr. for an article with the title ‘ The Most Hated Bachelor In America Explains Himself. The son of the same name by Dutch racing car driver fiance is in the U.s. The Bachelor with Becca Krufin, but dumped her in the last episode, and later on the knees for running Lauren Burnham.

The reporter asked how Lauren had experienced, and what they thought of the statements of Becca in that broadcast, which claimed that they are much more challenging than Lauren could. When Lauren and Arie, there was, according to her, no mention of ’an equal partnership’. Lauren had the impugned final conscious’ve never seen it and responded of the devil on the statements of her rival. “I’m a very strong independent woman. That I have a bit of a breakdown during the show, because I was in that environment not in my element, does not mean that I am not a strong man.”

When the reporter drove home to make this call from work, she got a text message from the former race-car driver. He wrote that he and the interview had agreed because he believed that a positive light was shed on who he was. “I don’t know how your conversation has ended, but Lauren is really evil. In no way I wanted Him, this hurt. I think our interview is ready.”

It has GQ, however, does not prevent it, however, a story on the signs that still to Arie, his side exposed.

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