Fans should petition to release Ant-Man 2 to bring forward

The film is in the United Kingdom a month later premiered in the United States, to the dismay of fans who are afraid of spoilers.

British film fans to support a petition that the leadership of Marvel Studios to ask their decision to turn back to the sequel for Ant-Man 2 only a month after the American launch.

The filmbonzen of Marvel and parent company Disney will be Ant-Man And The Wasp at the beginning of July in most of the markets all over the world roll-out, but people who are in the United Kingdom (UK), Italy, and Japan, live will to August to wait for Paul Rudd in action as the comic-superhero.

In the UK, with lower visitor numbers feared by competition with the football world cup in Russia on 14 July starts. But according to local media, the movie fans are more concerned about the possible spoilers that are known to the film for quite some time in other countries running.

Movie buff and bioscoopganger Adam Khan did nothing and decided last week an online petition on to begin to give Ant-Man to be equal with the other countries. “Marvel and Disney have decided to ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’ a month later to bring because of the world cup. This means that fans in the United Kingdom, the film is a month after the rest of the world.Real Marvel fans, like me, are shocked and disappointed… How can we wait for a month without spoilers? You can go to the world CHAMPIONSHIPS, watching and also see a movie.”, he writes.

The goal of Khan is to get 1500 signatures to collect. That number Monday was reached. Marvel has not yet commented on the petition.

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