Family Froger is running 5km for cancer research

The family Froger does Tuesday night at the sponsorrun Run against cancer that the FIGHT against Cancer in Alkmaar in order to raise money for cancer research. The Frogers running 5 kilometers along historical monuments and end up at the Waagplein. The riders finish the race during the live broadcast, the Netherlands is on against cancer.

Danny Froger

René Froger rent in the company of Natasja Froger and his children, including son Danny. “Little training,” says Danny, which is the distance as a good prelude regards for the New York marathon on 4 november. “It is a lovely stub. It is for a good purpose and for us it is a nice way for us to contribute,” says the 30-year-old singer. “It is nice if it is so great that is dealt with.”

Last weekend were Danny and his girlfriend Dominique and the rest of the family, of course, at the Toppers in Concert, but that visit has according to him no influence on the sporting performance in Alkmaar. “It is indeed cosy, but we also knew that today we had to run. That was also true for my father, who still is busy with weight loss. It is a lifestyle, better than a rigorous crashdieet. It is for our work it is also important to stay fit.”

In november rent Danny for the second time in his life the New York marathon, for his brother Maxim is the the first time. “Three years ago I cried that I never again would do,” says Danny. “I found it pretty tough, but now my brother also once the New York marathon wants to run, we started nevertheless to make plans. It is his first time and according to me rent from my dad for the ninth time.”

AVROTROS sends the benefietshow Netherlands against cancer from 21.20 hours on NPO 1.

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