Eva home cooked apple pie has a name for the baby already chosen

Eva home cooked apple pie, who in march announced to be pregnant of her first child, the name for her son or daughter has already chosen.

“Just happened recently”, replied the 39-year-old talk show host as Gijs Staverman her in his radio program Gijs 2.0 asks or has already been decided what the name of her baby. She does not want to tell whether it is a boy or girl’s name.

Home cooked apple pie also tells that she is, now she is pregnant, much less energy. “I think such a quarter of my normal energy.”


June 4 is the presenter, to see again with her talk show, home cooked apple pie. But she nevertheless looks in preparation not on a daily basis to its predecessor Jeroen Pauw, that is now seen daily at 23 hours on NPO 1.

“If we look at each other, it is as if we are at work,” says home cooked apple pie. “At twelve o’clock I’m exhausted.”

In the cooling of the warm weather to drink the pregnant talkshowhost now “hectoliters” non-alcoholic beer. “I am perhaps the biggest customer in the Netherlands.”

The presenter, in september 2016, together with her friend Dexter van der Voorn, who is tv producer. He worked at her program of The United States of Eva. It is not known when the presenter is calculated. She is going to start August with maternity leave.


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