Doctor thought that Skripals would not survive

LONDON – The British doctor who is the Russian ex-double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia has treated, did not expect that they would survive. The doctors and nurses that the nerve agent poisoned Skripals did have at the BBC told us how they the particular situation are handled.

The bench on which the Skripals unconscious were found.

When father and daughter to the hospital were brought in, was originally thought to be a drug overdose. Only when an agent with the same symptoms was recorded, it became clear that more was going on. A zaalzuster states that the staff then began to fear that they themselves are infected could hit.

After the police the identity of Sergei Skripal had become obsolete, were agents of the hospital to protect him. When it became clear where the doctors had, there was very little hope. ,,We would all of our therapies to try, we would provide the best clinical care, but all the evidence was there that they would not survive,” says dr. Stephen Machines.

After weeks of treatment and with the help of experts from a nearby research centre, the Skripals recently discharged from the hospital. At a secret address, they work further on their recovery.

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