Derk Bolt: ’Stop without a trace would be logical’

2851858544846c8c969d2fae2f6254a5 - Derk Bolt: ’Stop without a trace would be logical’

Presenter: Derk Bolt has in the past year considered to stop without a trace. That tells the presenter in Dutch tv-guide Veronica.

Derk Bolt wants to stop without a trace

Last year, Bolt and cameraman Eugenio Follender a week long detained by the Colombian guerillabeweging ELN. Bolt admits that he is not to stop thought because of the kidnapping. “More because it might be a logical time would be to agree to caps. I am 63 and do it all more than twenty years.”

Nevertheless, he decided to continue with the program. “It is addictive, this work. I come in the craziest corners of the world and I think that is just plain fun. It never is so that I reluctantly the plane in step.”

This year is Lost without a trace so just to see you again on NPO 1. Next Monday start the Bolt with the Missing Extra, in which the presenter goes to visit people who were looking for family. “Sometimes you stand there astonished: a boy and his mother in Indonesia, she can barely understand, but within no time, there is a deep band. But sometimes it leads to a deception, and it appears there is no contact to occur,” says Bolt.

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