Death toll by hurricane Maria is not 64, but 5000

01735294b93e6d9a8c9b4c45efb454fe - Death toll by hurricane Maria is not 64, but 5000

SAN JUAN – hurricane Maria has in Puerto Rico probably due to substantially more people killed than previously thought. The official death toll stands at 64, but research from Harvard shows that probably about 5000 people were killed.

Havoc wreaked by hurricane Maria in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The hurricane caused last year wreaked havoc on Puerto Rico, an autonomous region within the United States. Parts of the island were months without power.

The researchers on the basis of a survey of almost 3,300 households, the death toll in map. They concluded that in a period of more than three months 4645 people more died than under normal circumstances had expected. Problems with the healthcare system caused about a third of those deaths. So kept some of the older people and dialysis patients in the disaster devoid of care.

The researchers published their findings in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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