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China’s state Council orders the Blockchain to speed up development

ac75ce3eb5e5ccef841c507406a5bd96 - China's state Council orders the Blockchain to speed up development

China’s state Council has ordered the country’s financial authorities and government-funded research centers to accelerate the development and marketing of Blockchain technology.

The official Statement, which for the first time at the 4. May, was published, addressing various strategies, what is trading zone requires a continuous Reformation of the Guangdong pilot free.

What is a pilot free-trade zone?

The Guangdong pilot free trade zone is a free trade zone in Guangdong province. The Zone has been authorized by the state Council in the year 2014 and in April 2015. The establishment of a free trade zone is a strategic measure of the Central Committee of the party and the state Council to deepen the reform comprehensively, and extend the openness of the new Situation. Since then, the trade zone in China (Guangdong) – free in operation, has achieved initial results and the expected objectives are generally achieved. Now it wants to deepen the reform, the open free trade zone and the Integration of Hong Kong and Macao in the country as a whole.

An official document indicates:

“The establishment of a regional stock market in Guangdong, according to the Opening of the capital market, the timely introduction of Hong Kong, Macao and international Investment institutions to participate in transactions. We will develop the financial technology energetic and, the research and application of Blockchain and Big Data technologies under the premise of Legal Compliance accelerate.“

The document gives no Information of how Blockchain technologies will be used in the free trade zone.

How to AMBCRYPTO, China’s information and technology Ministry, already in Guangdong province, mentioned 72 new Blockchain-companies. In 2016, the idea of digital currency and the Blockchain has been presented Innovation as part of its thirteenth five-year monetary improvement in design from 2016 to 2020.

The free trade zone in Guangdong, which was approved in 2014 by the state Council, is an allocated area within the Chinese territory of Guangdong, the coordinated with Hong Kong and Macau, to a more internationalised free market. Chinese experts will accelerate the progress of the Blockchain Innovation, as the Council of state demanded, emphatically, to show that the Nation are at the forefront of the fourth Industrial Revolution and the development of an evolving Innovation such as the Blockchain advance might be up to.

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